• Angie Barness

Well... ya wouldn’t want to share THAT out loud! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Yesterday I had an interested conversation with some of the Dream Development team. The conversation stuck with me; some of the words following me into the next day.

Often in the group we talk about the importance of sharing your story, telling your truth, spreading your message. I’m a firm believer that your life and your experiences are POWERFUL. I believe your story is the single most powerful thing you have. The things you go through, the lessons you learn, the experiences you have - all of that makes up your individually unique story.

But here’s the thing - yes, our stories are unique - BUT with the billions of other humans on this planet, there are others who can relate.

We have these unique stories/experiences, which others can relate to, and yet we move through this life being told to “keep things private”.

You wouldn’t want to publicly talk about your mistakes! Don’t dare mention the areas you the hurting! Curious about sex, drugs, or rock and roll? Don’t ask!

We have all these platforms that are literal story telling platforms, and we share BULLSHIT. A fake smile, a selfie, pictures from the high points of our week - but our struggles, our mess, our TRUTH, remains hidden behind closed doors, shoved down deep, and unspoken of.

FUCK THAT. (I’d apologize about the language, but words were meant to be used were the try not?) 😉

Don’t you think if MAYBE we shared the truth, if MAYBE we talked about the bad and the ugly, if MAYBE we were open about who we REALLY are and what we REALLY experience... maybe... just maybe... we might find a bit more joy and peace? Maybe... just maybe... we might finally find the freedom we’ve been searching for? Shoot, I’d be as bold as to ask if maybe... just maybe... we might eradicate depression, anxiety, and all these other mental health issues that have popped up in our society?

I say “wake up and dream” but before you can dream, you have to WAKE UP AND BE.

Be you, in your relationships. Be you, on social media.

Be you, unapologetically, in every damn area of life.


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