• Angie Barness


”If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Let’s be honest, planning is not the fun part. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “yay!! I can’t wait to plan my day/week/month!!!” Nobody says, “I can’t wait to figure out how to afford a vacation!” Or, “I’m so excited to layout my steps to get my dream job!” PLANNING IS NOT THE FUN PART.

BUT... (don’t you love when there’s a but?). BUT, we all want that vacation, we all want that dream job.... the difference between someone who has it and someone who doesn’t is one thing, and one thing only, PLANNING.

Everything you have up to this moment took some sort of planning for it to occur. The housing situation you’re in - you got in it by a plan. The job you have - that was planned. The groceries in your fridge - planned!

“Angie, I didn’t plan <<insert bullshit here>> that was the universe or a gift or <<insert more bullshit here>>! BULLSHIT.


Don’t believe me? Test me on this. Tell me one thing in your life you have that wasn’t planned out in advance.

Those cute shoes you bought on a whim? PLANNED. You planned your income in a way so you could have some spending money, did you not? You planned your day so you could make a trip to the shoe store, did you not? Even the things we think were sporadic, were in fact not so sporadic at all.

So, if things come into fruition by plan, and we have things yet that we still want, shouldn’t we plan out how to get them?

Planning is an essential part of my week. I have FOUR jobs, and I’m a mom, ranch owner and lover on top of that. I have a social life, a family life, a work life, and my own personal health/sanity to care for. Without some serious planning, this shit would fall apart... I, would fall apart!

The saying is, “if you fail to plan, plan to fail.” I’d change it to something a little different, something like, “if you want that shit, then make plans for that shit.”

You want to travel - look into locations and accommodations, check out pricing options, things to do, times to travel. Review your finances, figure out what it’s going to take to confortably afford it. Then make it happen.

You want your dream job - study the job description, learn the requirements, where you can go, what you can do, and who you can meet to start making moved to get you there.

Whatever you want, a relationship, a car, a plane ticket to India - PLAN. THAT. SHIT. OUT.

You are not a tree. Plan your shit and GO.

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