Choose the path to your wildest dreams.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Every month
    Go deeper, get clearer.
    • TWO 1 hour coaching sessions focused solely on your dreams.
    • Gain feedback, clarity & direction.
    • Build a clear, actionable roadmap for your life.
    • Improve your business, relationships, health, and more!
    • Learn how to make your dreams a REALITY.
  • Live Keynote

    Book a Live Speaking Session for your event!
    Valid for one week
    • 45-60 minutes on-stage messaging.
    • Customizable content to fit audience.
    • Built in Q&A to directly serve the community.
    • Integrated Dream Development Workshop options. (added cost)
  • Live Workshop

    Book a full-day workshop for your community.
    Valid for one week
    • Dream Development Group Coaching.
    • Live motivational speaking with clear dreamers guidelines.
    • Group working sessions building on individuals dreams.
    • Framework and planning for Dream Development.
    • Group coaching, Q&A, and dream discussions.

Dream development [drēm  dəˈveləpmənt] verb:

1. The action taken to turn your wildest dreams into an every day reality. 

2. The act of building and following a roadmap which leads you to the life you were meant to live. 

3. You doing you, Boo Boo.  (and like, the REAL you... like, the one deep in your soul, just waiting to come out.)

In life we are taught to do things a certain way.  Wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed, and repeat.  You go through grade school, then a university, then it's off to your 9-5 where you spend the next 30 years punching a time clock; you do all of this just so you can pay your mortgage, get those medical benefits, and have that 401K. 


What if I told you life didn't have to be that way?  


What if I told you could live any way you wanted?


In Dream Development we do the soul searching work to rediscover your crazy, wild dreams.  We dig down deep, brush off the cob webs, and bring your dreams back to the light.  We work on your dreams until they are so tangible you can nearly reach out and grab them.  Then, once we have you dreaming, we help you build a crystal clear roadmap to accomplishing those crazy wild dreams. 


Everything you have ever wanted in life, is yours; all you have to do is dream it, then turn it into reality.  


If you want more in life - if you want to experience more, if you want to be more, if you want to see more, if you want to do more - all you have to do is act.  


You get to choose what path you take.  You get to choose the life you want to live.  You get to do you, Boo Boo. 


The Dream Team | Dream Development

Tim B.

"This group reminded me I am not alone in being a dreamer, in wanting happiness and satisfaction with goals that my seem atypical to others, but are supported in this group! I am free to dream my dream and express myself while gaining support from others. We all work together.... To live our dream!"


The Dream Team | Dream Development

Nicole L. 

"This group has given me structure and direction for my dreams. What once was overwhelming and unobtainable is now reality. This group has helped me rise out of a severe depression. It has given me the steps and the support to dream and achieve."


The Dream Team | Dream Development 

Kelli C.

"The Dream Development group is a group where I can explore my dreams and create real action steps for reaching them. Angie provides real tools and activities that have made it possible for me to find the path I needed to make my dreams possible. The group is very supportive and inspiring. Angie provides the right blend of encouragement and accountability to help me stay motivated through the challenges that arise day to day. This group has been one of the main factors in the personal growth I've achieved since joining. There are not enough words to voice my appreciation for Angie and the Dream Development group!"


The Dream Team | Dream Development

Kirsten K.

"This group has allowed me to dream and dream big. The support and positivity gives the best drive ever. This group makes me want to be a better me and it encourages me to be a better me."